Students in steam

What is students in steam?

Students in STEAM program is a thematic competition platform where students are encouraged to explore different situations outside of their classroom curricula through activities. The program is designed in such a way that one theme with a problem statement will be posed, and the students are expected to come up with their own designs – individually or in a group of not more than 5 students to curb the stated problem. click here to know more Students in STEAM.  



Frequent asked Questions concerning  Student In Steam

How to register STUDENTS IN STEAM Competition?
To register, fill in the form click here and email the form to
Is there any Template and Guideline for the Essay?
Yes, the guideline for writing the Essay can be found in the link provided. click here
What are the Information and Guidelines to join STUDENTS IN STEAM Competition?
For the information and guidelines can be found here click here
Where can I find the Competition Information ?
The competition Theme will be updated frequently. To find the theme of the month can be found in the link given. click here