What is NSIDC?

National STEM & Innovative Design Challenge

The National STEM & Design Innovation Challenge (NSDIC) is a national competition that brings together students to compete in the academic version of Formula 1 (F1). By taking advantage of the design process and creative art that imitates real F1 cars, students are challenged to produce mini F1 cars with software such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) equipment. This challenge is open and contested in teams where the teams are made up of secondary school students, sixth form centers, vocational & technical institutions and higher education institutions supplied with DENFORD machines.


Objectives of f1 Challenges:

Nurturing and increasing creativity, mind development and student innovation.

Provide students with an understanding of career opportunities related to the STEM field.

Increase students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-based subjects.​

Providing exposure and experience to students with basic skills such as group problem solving, making plans, doing research, making business plan presentations, product marketing and others.​

Giving students the opportunity to show their learning results through the projects they carry out.​

Create a platform for students to become more "marketable" by exposing them to engineering-related skills.

Ensure that DENFORD machines that have been supplied to schools can be used.

Target Audience

The 5th National STEM & Design Innovation Challenge is open to government secondary schools, vocational & technical institutions, sixth form centers and higher education institutions, all of which have been supplied with DENFORD machines. These challenges are divided into two categories:


Formula One Junior Class

For high and middle school students

Formula One Senior Class

For students of sixth form centers, technical & vocational institutions and higher education institutions