Steam for future


What is Steam for future?

Program that focuses on specific STEAM-related skills such as ICT and Programming, Engineering, Design and Creativity and Media.

STEAM for Future serves as a training platform where the modules are mapped to Higher Institutions and verified by experts in the fields



The objectives of the program are as follows:


  • To create awareness on the importance of STEAM in supplementing curriculum towards real-life learning and hands-on application of STEAM skills;
  • To cultivate student’s interest and understanding on the importance of STEAM skills;
  • To expose students to STEAM skills at early age;
  • To promote high value, quality STEAM activities while providing equal opportunities to all students to practice inquiry-based mentality in order to develop sense of responsibilities towards learning; and
  • To encourage interest and participation in the national and international competition such as BICTA, CIPTA and APICTA.

Target Audience

Students in Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form school level.

No. of  Participants

20-30 Students per session

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