Science Technology Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre main mission is to promote STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Design & Technology, Art, and Mathematics) through an effective engagement in STEAM Education towards Innovativeness. This is achieved through the development of student’s understanding of and interest in STEAM Education by means of providing platforms to implement high value STEAM Programs through strong networking and effective partnership.


A total of seven (7) iconic programs were developed to encourage more participations of students in STEAM activities. The seven programs are:


  1. F1 in Schools (competition)
  2. Students in STEAM (competition)
  3. R.E.A.L. Learning (pipeline competition)
  4. STEAM Outreach Programme (outreach & training)
  5. Green School Gardening (training & support)
  6. Green Initiatives (support platform)
  7. STEAM for Future (skills training)


Our Objectives

The main objectives of STEP Centre establishment are to ensure: