1. Our Services

Awarness and Roadshows / Visits

STEP Centre in collaboration with local government and private agencies such as UBD, UTB, IBTE, TSB, JASTRE, SEL, and DWS, conducts awareness programs and visits that promote sustainable skills and expose students to relevant knowledge as required by the schools. Schools are invites to visit facilities available at STEP Centre.

2. Our Services


As an effort to inclucate STEAM among students, STEP Centre provides guidance and advice to schools in conducting STEAM actvities. Through consultancy, STEP Centre can also help direct schools to the relevant parties through STEP's strong networking and partnerships.

3. Our Services

Training and coaching

STEP Centre offers training and coaching services to students through guided participation mechanism. STEP also offerts skills training including propodal and report writing, presentation and communication skills, relevant for national and regional competitions such as CIPTA, BICTA, SYSyS Plus and Young Inventors Challenge.